At GGGS, safety comes first, not only when children are within the secure school premises, but also when the children are in transit. This is why each one of our air-conditioned vans and buses is stationed with a Maid, Guard, and Facilitator to care for the children. The vehicles are fitted with auto speed governors for maintaining safe speed for the bus and for providing children with a safe drive to and from school. Regular attendance is also taken in the bus to monitor the children’s travel.

Transport Helpline No. 9917806806


  • The school provides transport facility to its students on request and on payment of transport charges.
  • The buses run on specified routes. Parents applying for the transport facility, must confirm with the school office to whether their residence is located on the existing school bus route. Any request to change or deviate from an existing route will not be entertained.
  • The students must reach their designated bus stops at least 5 minutes prior to the arrival of buses. Buses will not wait to pick up child.
  • Leaving the school transport in the mid-session is not permitted, however, exceptional cases may be permitted.
  • Shouting or misbehaving in the bus is strictly prohibited.
  • Any damage of the seats or any other part due to deliberate wilfulness will be made good by the student.
  • The bus will stop at the fixed stops only. Parents should not force the driver/conductor to divert/change the route.
  • Parents will not indulge in any brawl/argument/fight with the drivers/conductors under any provocation. Any complaint against them should be reported to the Transport In-charge/Principal.
  • Students will not be allowed to change the bus route as per their convenience.
  • Students are not allowed to get down at any other stops other than their designated stop.