Note : The serial order specifies the successive steps to be taken by the school in regard to areas of concern.

Coming Late to school
1. Verbal Warning
2. Parents to be informed
3. Parents to be called and the student to be sent home
Bunking Classes
1. Warning and extra assignments in the respective subjects
2. Parents to be informed and extra assignments to be given
Movement in the Corridors
1. Memo
2. Suspension
Bullying, Aggressive Behaviour
1. Written apology to go into the student’s record. One copy of the same to be retained by the class teacher.
2. Parents to be informed
Abusive Language
1. Suspension
School Uniform
If any student’s uniform is not as per the standards and requirements of school
(as mentioned in the school almanac)
1. Verbal warning (twice)
2. Parents to be informed
3. Student to be sent home with the parents
Hair Cut
1. Verbal warning (twice)
2. To be sent home
Defaulter at work
1. Verbal warning
2.Withdrawal of break/P.E. period
3. Detention until work is finished
4. Parents to be informed
5. Community service to be decided by school
6. Memo
Breakage of School Property
1. Fine as per the cost of the damage and withdrawal of break/P.E. period
Noise in the class/Untidy Classrooms
1. Students to clean the class room
2. Withdrawal of break/P.E. period
3. Community Service

A positive school environment does not simply happen:
Teachers, Parents and Students need to work hard together to develop it. Therefore certain rules are necessary to make this possible.

Be regular and punctual to school every day
Use indecent/ abusive language
Report to school in proper school uniform with well-polished shoes
Bully others
Carry notebooks and assignments as per the time table
Damage school property
Help others
Play or run in the class
Respect teachers through courteous language and conduct
Run in the corridors
Use decent language
Be late in reporting to class
Communicate in English with their teachers and peers
Be late in submission of work
Fall in line when moving out of class
Bunk classes
Switch off the lights and fans when not in use
Bring mobiles, valuables and heavy cash to school
Maintain school property
Litter class or school
Complete the school work and assignments on time
Eat or drink during teaching periods
Carry school almanac and wear RFID card daily
Carry or wear accessories to school (coloured mufflers, warmers, goggles, etc.)
Keep class and school premises clean
Get involved in arguments and fights (verbal or physical)
Keep pace with fellow friends/teachers in doing class work
Use unfair means during examinations
Be responsible for any work missed in class due to absence

Return to class from PE/Library/Labs and other outdoor periods on time

Turn off taps when not using them.

We expect our students to take pride in their work, their appearance and what they have accomplished.
They must develop self-discipline and show courtesy towards all people in the school and community.
Our constant endeavour is to realize this dream.